1.- What? for what?

Nothing makes sense unless we give it a meaning.

2.- There are mulJple perspecJves of reality.

We are slaves to our own vision of reality, we like to cling to it.

But no one is more a vicJm of their circumstances than of their own perspecJve.

3.- I believe in the relevance of quesJoning the intenJon of each of our acJons.

To understand why do we do what we do and where it comes from.

4.- I like to understand the origin of things.

To expand our perspecJve, to break paTerns of behavior and thought paTerns.

5.- I am passionate about the moment where we challenge the limits of our perspecJve.

That presents us with the opportunity to grow or stay sJll, because:

6.- I believe that duality is the motor that generates movement.

Life and death, eros and tanatos, light and shadow, the contradicJon of the simple and

the complex, the comparison of the micro with the macro, balance and imbalance I

think are clear elements of the universe and to a large extent “The origin of our


7.- I believe deeply in the word Detonate as an element that unites us.

We transcend through our acJons that shape a whole.

Life is a riddle that probably ends with a simple answer. But it is in seeking, in

discovering, in walking towards the answer where we find the true meaning of life.